Why choose Bluestones Industrial Solutions?

When you work with Bluestones Industrial Solutions you gain access to our innovative technology that gives you greater control and transparency over your work assignments.

Keeping you in control

With the Bluestones Industrial Solutions app, you are able to input your own availability. Simply tell us when you are free to work and we’ll be able to send out temporary assignments as soon as they come up.

Access to more local jobs

As soon as a job that matches your skills becomes available, you can apply at the click of a button on your Bluestones Industrial Solutions app. No more daily calls – the power is in your hand!

Accurate payment each and every time

With Bluestones Industrial Solutions, you will always be paid correctly. The Bluestones Industrial Solutions app allows you to clock in and out at the click of a button, meaning you will get paid for the exact time you work.

More work and better pay

When you finish an assignment, the employer will rate you out of 5 stars – the higher the rating the more job offers you will receive – simple!

Benefits of Bluestones Industrial Solutions

We’re confident that the service we provide offers a unique mix of expertise, exceptional standards, service level guarantees and improved efficiencies. Our team have repeatedly proven this with a wide variety of clients over the years and have seen clear client benefits as a result, primarily in these areas:

Less time and money spent on hiring contingent staff

✔ Increased visibility on what you spend on contingent staff

✔ Only one point of contact for all your temporary and permanent recruitment needs

✔ Streamlined hiring processes that are easier to manage

✔ Highest standards of compliance maintained across all suppliers and candidates

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